Practical Tips Before Recycling Your Electronic Devices

Before you bring your electronic devices to one of our safe and secure drop-off locations, electronic-recycling-tipshere are some practical e-waste recycling tips and suggestions:

  1. Assess if the electronic device could be sold or given away.
  2. Assess if some good working parts of the electronic device could be salvaged for reuse or refurbishment. The reuse and refurbish collectors in the OES program are listed.
  3. Ensure the account service for your device is deactivated, if applicable.
  4. Clear your device of personal information, including removing the SIM card




Most electronics are “smart” these days, including some printers. They can store your private transactions and texts, credit card numbers, and even some fairly personal data like health records or even compromising party photos.

Suggestions for clearing memory storage areas are below:

  • Consult the manufacturers’ websites or owners’ manuals
  • Download data erasure software or data shredding apps
  • Ask the sites designated as OES Service Providers on this web site, or media data shredding expert such as Shred-It.

Note: While we endeavour to provide complete and accurate information, please keep in mind that you are responsible to ensure that personal information has been erased

(see Conditions of Use for more information).