Environmental Handling Fees (EHF) are charged on the sale and distribution of all new electronic products regulated in Ontario. Paid at the time of purchase, the fee reflects the actual program cost to collect, transport and responsibly recycle each electronic category at the end of its useful life. The EHF is not a tax, nor is it a refundable deposit. Fees are one way to fund recycling programs for the products you purchase. When you purchase an item, such as electronics, these fees cover the cost for making sure the electronics that no longer work or are out-of-use don't just end up in a landfill, but are safely and responsibly managed for both the valuable components they contain, as well as the substances of concern.

This video has been developed by EPRA to explain the Environmental Handling Fee (the EHF or also called an Eco Fee); what it is and what it covers. It has been created for you to use with employees, or to show anyone who is wondering “What’s this about the EHF on electronics?” It is a brief video that will explain in just a few minutes the information needed to answer questions about the EHF, and why responsible e-recycling as a whole is so important.


View the current August 1, 2016 Environmental Handling Fee.

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