What we are offering

Peace of mind, knowing that asset recycling is being managed through a network of 100’s companies that meet the highest standards of regulatory compliance, and represent the vanguard of a whole new ‘urban mining’ industry.


Who we are

Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES), a not-for-profit industry organization, oversees the responsible reuse and recycling of end-of-life
electronics through a program that includes hundreds of OES-approved collection sites and numerous other affiliate sties – retail, non-profit, commercial and municipal – across the province.

The program was developed with Waste Diversion Ontario, on behalf of the Ontario government, under the Waste Diversion Act 2002. The program helps protect human health, our water ways, road ways and natural environments while creating a cleaner environmental future for Ontarians.

The OES program is regulated and meets rigorous standards. OES service providers must adhere to strict regulations and use a variety of techniques to ensure sensitive data is destroyed in the recycling process.


Fast facts

    • Hundreds of approved, verified (municipal, retail/not-for-profit)—permanent and event-based—collection sites province wide.
    • Collectors and processors all operate under safe and controlled working conditions regulated by rigorous health and environmental standards.
    • Contracts of service providers with OES obligate destruction of sensitive company information and data in the recycling process.
    • No-charge drop off.
    • Accepted electronic and electrical equipment includes: computers, monitors, projectors, printers, fax machines, PDAs, phone systems, cell phones, cameras, radios, stereo equipment and TVs.
    • E-waste contains valuable materials like base and precious metals, along with glass and plastics, which can be safely reclaimed and reprocessed to manufacture new products.
    • Since the program began operations in April, 2009, OES has diverted more than 250,000 tonnes (and growing) of e-waste, from Ontario’s landfill.