Answer The Call

Technology is amazing — it powers our world and connects us to friends, family, and information.

Every time we turn around there’s a new gadget that’s faster and cooler than the last one.

So what happens to our tech when we’re not using it anymore? It doesn’t seem right to just trash it or stash it in a drawer. And we shouldn’t. Just because they are out of use doesn’t mean they are worthless. They are filled with fascinating and reusable materials like plastics, rare earth metals and precious metals which can be recycled through a process we call urban mining.

Urban mining is the process of extracting these precious metals and rare earth metals from recycled electronics without mining in ecologically sensitive areas. Not only is it better for the environment, but in some cases it’s actually more efficient than traditional mining.

Consider this: one ton of recycled smartphones yields 324 times more gold than the same weight in ore from a traditional mine. The Earth is reaching out for your help. Will you answer the call? is an Ontario-based service and web resource that enables address and postal code lookup for where and how in a convenient manner. Most people know Ontario’s electronic waste (e-waste) diversion program as, operated by Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES).