For over a decade, EPRA/Recycle My Electronics have been helping Canadians from coast to coast to safely and securely recycle their end-of-life electronics. As an industry-led, not-for-profit organization, with a network of over 2,500 authorized drop-off locations throughout the country, we have seen the impact that changing the behaviours around recycling can have.

Awareness In Action

In the case of EPRA/Recycle My Electronics, those results equal more than one million tonnes of end-of-life electronics recycled through our program in Canada alone. Canadians are working together to help preserve our shared future by responsibly recycling their end-of-life electronics.

A Global Movement

October 14th, 2022 marks the fourth International E-Waste Day. The day is used to raise the international public profile of e-waste recycling and actively encourage citizens of Earth to recycle their end-of-life electronics. It also kicks off EPRA’s Waste Reduction Week campaign efforts with their award-winning awareness campaigns; What’s Inside Counts.

The WEEE Forum and its members launched the first International E-Waste Day in 2018 as a way of addressing the lack of awareness and low rates of electronics recycling. The focus of International E-Waste Day for 2022 will be education, aimed at getting a younger audience interested and involved in issues surrounding e-waste in order to create a new generation of responsible consumers.

Founded in 2002, the WEEE Forum is a not-for-profit association of 40 WEEE producer responsibility organizations across the world.

Stronger Together

EPRA/Recycle My Electronics is proud to be the exclusive Canadian member and first North American member of the WEEE Forum. We are honoured to join the international community in its efforts to raise public awareness of electronics recycling.

“International E-Waste Day serves as a conscious reminder about the importance of responsible electronic recycling. As a proud member of the WEEE Forum, EPRA champions this work in raising the public profile of e-waste recycling and responsible electronic waste management,” said Cliff Hacking, President and CEO, EPRA.

What’s Inside Counts

Many of the resources in our electronics, including plastic, glass, gold, silver and copper can be reused continuously without losing their properties.

By recycling e-waste, we ensure these resources are recovered, recycled and reused — reducing our overall carbon footprint and lessening our dependence on mining for new resources. It also diverts e-waste from landfill, where it can emit greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and other harmful toxins.

Each of us are key to e-waste recycling. When we purchase electronic products, we are responsible to ensure they are safely and securely recycled when we are finished with them. We all have an opportunity to make an important environmental impact that truly benefits us all.

Recycling Done Right

EPRA operates a country-wide recycling program that functions at the local, provincial and national level.

When you bring your end-of-life to an EPRA/Recycle My Electronics authorized drop-off locations, you’re helping to:

  • Prevent e-waste from being illegally exported or handled by irresponsible recyclers, decreasing environmental issues for the planet.
  • Recover and recycle resources that can be put back into the manufacturing supply chain, conserving natural resources.
  • Ensure the safe and secure destruction of personal data stored on hardware.
  • Protect health and safety of workers and handlers.
  • Divert e-waste from Canadian landfills.

The EPRA/Recycle My Electronics program makes it easy to recycle electronics through special collection events and network of over 2,500 drop-off locations throughout the country, including return-to-retail locations. It’s never been easier or more convenient to safely and securely recycling your end-of-life electronics.

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