2021 Spring TV Interviews


Gerrard talks to the CTV Morning News audience about the RME program how to find a depot; what can be recycled; how the process of recycling works and what can be recovered; the program achievements.

2021 Spring Radio Interviews

Gerrard talks to audiences about what can be recycled, how the recycling process works and what can be recovered, why is it important to recycle through EPRA.

Gerrard talks to a Charlottetown audience about what EPRA is; why it's important to recycle our electronics through EPRA, what items can be recycled; and how to find a drop off location.

Recycle MY Electronics AC Ad English


Recycle MY Electronics AC Ad English

2020 Radio Interviews

TV Campaigns and TV Interviews


Cliff Hacking talks to CTV Your Morning about the benefits of recycling and how to safely and securely recycle electronics.


Recycle My Electronics
What's Inside Counts
Spring Television Campaign.


Recycle My Electronics
Prince Edward Island
Television Ad Campaign.

EPRA Atlantic Canada
Executive Director
Gerard MacLellan on
CTV Morning Live

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