Where Can I Recycle?

Find authorized drop-off points near you.

Our electronics are filled with resources – everything from glass and plastic to gold, silver, copper and palladium – that need to be recovered and recycled, and it’s never been easier to do so. There are over 2,300 Recycle My Electronics authorized drop-off points across Canada, including close to 1,000 in Québec. Our postal code search makes finding your nearest drop-off point even easier. Note: We do not offer a home pickup service.

    Citizens only

    (See restrictions relating to municipal boundaries.)

    ICI* only

    Citizens and ICI*

    (See restrictions relating to municipal boundaries.)


    Recycling bins for small electronics only.
    For the complete list of accepted products, visit www.electrobac.com

    Retail store

    (See restrictions from retailer.)

    *Industrial, Commercial and Institutional businesses